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An extremely intelligent, attractive and seductive woman who has a tendency to use men in many ways either for sex, money, help, attention, support. She never falls in love with a man, but rather uses him and takes the advantages that he gives her. Usually her heart is already broken and incapable of love and intimacy because of her dark past and troubling history. She might have loved once and trusted someone but was betrayed and failed at and her deceptions of the past left irrevocable scars. She is amazing in bed and at all the arts of seduction but she only gives her body never her heart. She has lost all hope in menkind and does no longer believe in happy endings. She learned the hard way: her dark past taught her too well, she'll never make the same mistake twice.
Eva Green was a real femme fatale in casino royal, poor Mr. Bond.
by penriver April 05, 2016
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A woman with both intelligence and sex appeal that uses these skills to manipulate poor helpless men into doing what she wants. May cause death.
She's a femme fatale.
by schmuck October 15, 2003
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A beautiful, seductive, and usually evil female character in drama and literature. She is usually shown as a cruel, man-eating seductress. (Straight) men fall victim to her beauty and are eventually brought to ruin by her. The femme fatale is often a secret agent and/or a spy.

Another word for femme fatale is vamp; due to the fact that the femme fatale is often a sexual vampire, the term "vamp" stuck when introduced by the silent movies.

The femme fatale is usually played by a strong mezzo-soprano in opera and musical theater.
Femme fatales show up often in film noir, James Bond stories, and murder mysteries.

They are often much stronger and more cunning characters than their foils; the often inept damsel in distress and the sweet, fawn-eyed, but naive ingenue.
by Lorelili December 30, 2005
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is a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations.
by CjStalker January 12, 2012
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A beautiful and seductive woman with a very charming and usually unique or mysterious personality. Men become very interested in her and become distracted and fascinated by her charming, attractive qualities. She then leads men into negative or unpleasant situations, where the victim highly regrets ever getting involved with her. Sometimes the situation will turn dangerous or even deadly, depending on the level of manipulation she has over the victim. Most of the time she will gain complete control over the victim by seducing him or engaging in some sort sexual relations with him.
She is such a femme fatale. She uses her seductive attitude and beauty to manipulate men. She seems so sweet on the outside, but she is very rotten and twisted on the inside.
by Theonewithoutaname April 28, 2011
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A French term meaning "Fatal Woman", it is used to describe a female who uses seduction and charm to ensnare men into doing their bidding or to be lured into an untimely demise. Or Both. In contemporary times it is more often used referencing movies or other works describing a seductive female character skilled in combat.
Movie Trailer: This summer, Charlie's Angels are back. And this time, these three femme fatales are reloaded, ready to kick some ass, and Ready. For. Action.
by Stingy Meatballs May 06, 2017
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