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a company that sells roush mustangs. you take your mustang to them and they fix them up for you with body kits new springs super chargers and other high performance shit.
damn fool u c that roush mustang it was dope.
by GANGSTA pirooz September 13, 2005
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Verb. The act of failing out of college because you fail to maintain an adequate video game to studying/going to class ratio.
Poor Jim, he played counterstrike all day instead of studying for his psych final and subsequently Roushed out of College.
by Mr Majestyk December 09, 2004
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A bossy, commanding woman, as typically illustrated by her treatment of her significant other and her menacing gestures.
“Did you see that man crying and hiding under his desk? Yeah, I’ve seen him do that before — he’s married to a true Roush. She’s mean as can be.”
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