Jimmie Kenneth Johnson is an American professional stock car racing driver whose last full time season ended in 2020. Jimmie Johnson is one of the most well know and definitely one of the best NASCAR drivers who has lived. He has won 7 championships, 5 of which were in row, and 83 wins. He is married to his wife Chandra and has two daughters named Lydia and Genevieve. He is a legend on and off the track and truly the best!
Jimmie Johnson has won his 7th NASCAR cup series championship!
by NASCARFAN48 November 5, 2020
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The most powerful evil in all of academics. The biggest, the baddest, the worst possible thing you can think of doing multiplied by your scariest nightmare. A Jimmy Johnson is the ultimate level of difficulty possible for any test, practice problem, or example. Nothing is more difficult than a Jimmy Johnson.

Slightly easier but still near impossible is a Johnson
"That chemistry test was an absolute Jimmy Johnson, how does expect us to do that shit? It was impossible!"

"Bro that was a Jimmy Johnson, I felt like a baby sucking a hot dog stuck in a hijacked plane."
by bigboss204 March 13, 2019
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Jimmy Johnson is the notorious YouTuber who is known for his iconic Cuphead Expert Series. He is also exceptionally known for playing FORTNITE.
That guy is a total Jimmy Johnson.
by Tyler1longlostbrother November 27, 2019
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to recieve a blow job whilst operating a motor vehicle
while driving to school lynn gave omar a jimmie johnson
by omar ahmed March 10, 2009
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A phrase used by members of the race forum TBK.fameflame.dk to describe any NASCAR accident directly involving or in the general vicinity of Jimmie Johnson. Used often by members of TBK Radio. Other variates are "Jimmy Johnson Did It" and "Jimmy JAWNSON Did It"
Major accident in turn two, that was Jimmie Johnson Did It!
by Jesse Wagner April 3, 2008
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