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A car which, upon entering, instantaneously turns a person into an arrogant asshole and makes him/her forget all traffic rules and regulations.
Look at that Merc driver over there, thinking he's the king of the road. Maybe someone should go and remind him of traffic lights, turn signals, lanes and road signs.
by PoopyPoo July 18, 2005

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To possess low amounts of money.
I'm strapped for cash, can you loan me a couple of G's?
by PoopyPoo December 10, 2004

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A letter used in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish (though limited to proper nouns), Walloon and Chamorro.
The letter is pronounced as an "o", like in the word "sauna".

When capitalized, the character is also used to denote the unit of length, Ångström. 1 m = 10^10 Å.
Åh my gåd, dååd. I'm så hårny right nåw.
by PoopyPoo June 03, 2005

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What 17-year-old unoriginal poseurs get thinking that tribals have looked cool after 1993.
Newsflash: they haven't.
by PoopyPoo May 12, 2005

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Obvious; plain; self-evident.
- George W. protects the freedom and liberty of America.
- You do realize that's patent bullshit, don't you.
by PoopyPoo May 19, 2005

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t_bone_111, dear, you needn't dress like a skank; thou art one.
That t_bone_111 sure is a attention-seeking skank.
by PoopyPoo April 24, 2005

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Archaic keys on a computer keyboard once used for movement in games. Nobody really uses them anymore since the discovery of WASD.
n00b wtfx0rz u usin arr0w keyz lol plz ffs fagg0txrz
by PoopyPoo March 20, 2005

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