A person who indulges in public displaying their physical appearance but also their power, wealth or personality.

For example, they might dress in extravagant or thought-provoking looks or post an excessive number of photos of themselves on social media.

We disagree with most definitions in mainstream dictionaries as "a person who behaves in ways intended to attract attention". While this might be true in many cases, they seem to force a psychological interpretation of their behaviour we are not able to judge.

Not to be confused with the psychiatric definition of exhibitionist referred to those who show their genitalia in public.
I am something of an exhibitionist
by Narcissistic Notes Fb page December 23, 2014
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Usually a wild chick who forthrightfully declares she gets off on doing it in public areas--and proceeds to "exibit" such.
A freshman student at the University of Chicago was taking a noon walk along the lakefront when she encountered, along the lake rocks, an exhibitionist serving one of the locals.
by Carlos Mack December 11, 2007
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Male or female who shows off their cunts or cocks for a thrill.
Golly, why don't I walk past those two cute girls and flip out my impressive half-hard prick-n-sack. I will get quite the thrill, then I can go jack it off.
by flashboy July 19, 2003
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A person who likes to frequent art exhibitions.
George: Did you hear that Henry is going to the art exhibition again?
John: Yes, you could really call him an 'exhibitionist'.
George: Get out.
by rdvmoosic November 15, 2019
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A person who takes great pleasure in having an audience to watch them pleasure themselves sexually. Exhibitionists are selfish people.
Chris Ward, Plano teacher who has women over to watch him jack off, thus making him an exhibitionist. He gets a thrill from having even one person watch. Another example includes porn stars.
by AliH85 November 30, 2010
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Someone who uses the dating app Tinder in public and makes it blatantly easy for others to watch their swiping spree.
Scientists have speculated that this externalizing behavior may arise from a desire or compulsion to expose one's own swiping preferences and mating partner fetishes. The Tinder Exhibitionist may find amusement or even sexual satisfaction out of their indecent dating exposure.
Dan: "Man, Johnny did again! He was sitting in the train with people around him and swiped furiously on Tinder and everyone was watching because one just cannot look away for obvious reasons!"
Jack: "Johnny is such a Tinder Exhibitionist. I told you this!"
by TimmiWanted1243 March 12, 2019
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Someone who posts on their girlfriend/boyfriend's wall to express their love in an inappropriate, sickly way, knowing full well that the message will appear on all of their mutual friends' news feeds.

Maybe for attention, maybe to make everyone feel bad because they are obviously the ultimate couple, but one thing is for certain; the world would be a better place if they just IM'd the damn message.

Can also be applied to close friends of the same gender who enjoy gaying each other up in public, despite being straight.
Guy #1: Damn, Steve, stop commenting on yo' girl's Facebook wall! She's gonna think you're clingy.
Guy #2: Plus you're annoying pretty much everyone who knows you both. Get a room and stop being such a Facebook exhibitionist.
by Nottel Inyu January 12, 2011
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