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A clothing company that uses sweatshops to manufacture clothes. Boycott it.
I'd buy a pair of Guess? jeans if they weren't so fucking ugly, cost so fucking much and made by 8-year-old kids.
by PoopyPoo March 13, 2005
- George W. protects the freedom and liberty of America.
- You do realize that's patent bullshit, don't you.
by PoopyPoo May 19, 2005
Something which is not capitalism.
I can't spell, so I wrote a definition for captialism instead of capitalism.
by PoopyPoo October 27, 2004
A man who, if in an utopistic parallel universe was elected as the president of the United States, would reduce the plight of people in his country as well as other countries a metric shitload more than any of his fellow candidates.
A: I don't know whether to vote for Bush or Kerry...
B: Don't be a shitmuncher and follow the polarization the mass media is feeding you. There is a third alternative. Vote for Nader.
by PoopyPoo October 24, 2004
One of the greatest political hiphop groups of all time, comprised of ex-Beatnigs Michael Franti and Rono Tse.

The group addressed issues such as homophobia, misogyny, racism, war and television.
Get their sole released album Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury.
by PoopyPoo May 11, 2005
A subgenre of death metal, which originated in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. Prominent characteristics include heavy, melodic riffs; growled vocals; fast tempos; and usually high quality production.

Some of the most well-known bands in the genre include At The Gates, In Flames and The Haunted.
Listen to "Blinded By Fear" by At The Gates for a prime example of the Gotheburg sound.
by PoopyPoo December 21, 2004
A band that sung about how Radio Still Sucks, and then went on to be on MTV.
by PoopyPoo March 30, 2005