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Rocketed from the scrotum in speeds that break the sound barrier. It gets stuck in hair, ruins bed sheets, whitens teeth, causes lazy eye, and in some cases my force you to pay monthly child support checks.
Last night this girl was giving me a plumbkin so I decided to blast my semen shuttle right into her eye.
by poopieweinerhole March 27, 2010

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A term that should only be used to describe how one annihilated a girl's baby cave,vagina, cooter, or puss hole with his or her fingers.
Right after Jessica got done giving oral to my meat log I finger slammed her clam and found out she had infestation of roaches in her bush.
by poopieweinerhole April 20, 2010

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A brown treat ejected from your asshole. That travels in speeds less than 1 mph. After slipping out of the anal cave it hits water creating massive tidal waves, while drenching your poop hole at the same time. The best ones contain corn and or nuts.
I opened my brown eye and out came 5 ass brownies. A new personal best!
by poopieweinerhole April 13, 2010

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One of the best dishes ever created. Ingredients include but are not limited to pubes, crabs, dead skin and more. Most commonly found on skanks, whores, and or sluts.
I went down south on Yolanda and discovered she had a pubic pie cookin. So I chowed down and since then have been coughing up hairballs for weeks.
by poopieweinerhole April 18, 2010

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After having sexual intercourse and or receving a blow job with woman or man you must procede to rocket semen all over their body. Soon afterwards you will be looking at a real life zebra. Can only be performed on people with dark skin.
I stuck my peen into LaQuisha and then after words I turned her into a zebra.
by poopieweinerhole November 16, 2011

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After having sexual intercourse, take a fat dump on the girls chest. Then precede to spludge your jizz on the brown treat. The semen will add a decorative touch to the poo. When you are done plop your nut sack right into the mess and you have a hot fudge sundae. Best results with white girls and diarrhea.
Last night the hooker said she was hungry after we finished fucking, so I gave her a hot fudge sundae.
by poopieweinerhole May 01, 2010

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The act of beating your penis so hard that in the end it turns a pinkish color, thus looking like a piece of ham. Best results come from using both hands at the same time since, they cause more friction.
I was Ham Slamming the other day at work and my boss walked in and joined me. I ended up quiting my job a few moments later.
by poopieweinerhole July 07, 2010

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