the place on your boddy were poo comes out
by big penised amarican September 27, 2003
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a place one dislikes but is willing to settle for.
I'd rather be in a poop hole than this crappy hotel.
by garbage eater March 26, 2009
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A sexual activity engaged in when conservative girls want to remain virgins so they only have anal coitus.
"That slut Stacey sits in church like a virgin on a log!", Amy says angrily. Laura responds..."...well, technically she's a virgin...Amy nods head, knowingly..."The Poop hole loophole", they say in unison.
by laurajade March 18, 2015
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1) A person who constantly looks for anal sex. Typically it's a male looking for a female.

He is a poop hole hunter because he is always trying to put it in girls butts.
by Carneyfreak1 February 25, 2009
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1. Its a butt. Brown, smelly stuff leaves it. 2. Say to someone whose being a crappy idiot.
Bob, your some heck of a poop hole!
by watzlyfe December 19, 2018
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The origins of this saying came from when Ben was a child and used to get raped by big burly men from Russia for sex tapes that were distrubited to retarded people so they knew how NOT to make love
It is shown in a certain Ben who's cock is brown from all the times he's given it. His back is bent because he likes to take it in the poop shoot at least 7 times a day
by Rob October 19, 2004
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