short for the word dubious which means doubtful. also means a joint, or could be related to the old group the "Douby Brothers".
Dude, thats a yoked "douby"! It's nearly 3 feet long!
by Douby Dave April 22, 2007
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yo, u comin for a doubie after school? - yeah safe lets go homeboy
by Olly Zaja (O to Tha Z) May 09, 2003
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To win the admiration of your peers, regardless of any acts of rampant stupidity you may commit.
When John fell 30ft down a gorge and landed on a cactus, all the girls loved him.

"He really doubied that one," remarked James. "I hope I can get a girlfriend when I have no legs."
by cowswithguns November 01, 2004
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That riff that Doubi played on his bass made my head explode.
by Jnv March 10, 2004
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A shorter way of saying douche bag.

Friend: So I was banging your girlfriend last night...
Friend 2: Fuck you doubie.
by lmmature December 14, 2012
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