29 definitions by phoenix

1. Hey, I bought a new Aerosmith CD!

2. Dude, you need to CD! ASAP! Bitch.
by phoenix January 18, 2005
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cock + goblin = cobblin
Stop spamming my phone, you cobblin.
by phoenix November 24, 2003
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so im driving her cocksocket hard and...
by phoenix March 28, 2005
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To be so fucked up you unable to move, talk,or see.
Man the other night I was hitting the bong I went past krunk I was fucking comatose.
by phoenix January 31, 2004
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Something that annoys you to the limit and you can't describe it.
the words are all so jumbled up inside your head that the only word that you can blutter our is fawgie. coz it means everything and just anything

By the way!its all mine
Oh man she ate my pie! she hit me on the face! she stole my money! she lied about me! she said and did everything that could possibly annoy anybody!
she is a fawgie
by phoenix March 27, 2005
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1. When clothes are the correct size for the wearer.
2. When an object is appropriate for the situation or surroundings.
3. Fat Tits.
1. Hey, this new jacket fits real well!
2. Yeah, that new couch fits perfectly with the rest of your stuff.
3. Damn! She's got some Fits!
by phoenix January 20, 2005
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