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29 definitions by Phoenix

Short for Microsoft, used to imply Microsoft cares more for money than it does for security, stability, and anything else that could make a good Operating System.
by Phoenix May 18, 2004
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the exposed midrift of someone who shouldn't!!!!
The large fleshy part of a stomach, hips and back that hangs over hipster jeans. Is only refered to smorange if the
t-shirt or top of the wearer is short enough NOT to cover up all visable flesh.
by Phoenix October 26, 2004
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1. Hey, I bought a new Aerosmith CD!

2. Dude, you need to CD! ASAP! Bitch.
by Phoenix January 18, 2005
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cock + goblin = cobblin
Stop spamming my phone, you cobblin.
by Phoenix November 24, 2003
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so im driving her cocksocket hard and...
by Phoenix March 28, 2005
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