When you flip someone off and say FUCK YOU at the same time.
by The Squid March 20, 2003
n. The act of pleasuring one's self (usually a male) using various sources of inspiration.
George was bashing the bishop in front of his computer screen whilst jpegs and mpegs of his favourite pr0n were being displayed. In addition, he had nudie magazines arranged at convenient angles, and the television was playing some Aurora Snow movie on DVD.
by keyshaw August 8, 2005
An application making tool made by Clickteam. Many owners of it make their own video games. Very easy to use and requires no programming language.
Clickteam rocks for creating Multimedia fusion. Now I can create my own Sonic the Hedgehog games
by adonkeyisaass January 13, 2004
Very similar to a media whore -- that is, a person who has a psychological need to get into TV, Film, Radio or Print -- but takes it a step further by using New Media, the arts, etc... ANY available outlet for exposure.
Mike Freak's MySpace profile identifies his occupation as being a Multimedia Whore.
by Mike Freak April 3, 2008
Using several forms of media at one time; like when you pause your DVR'd TV show to play your Xbox, and then you pause your XBox to watch a video on your computer on You Tube while you text message someone.
We were watching the baseball game and playing video games between innings, when we paused the ballgame to watch a video of an Anaconda eating a baby hippo on YouTube. We were totally multimedia tasking.
by Dan Sharfin June 22, 2008