Extremely, entirely, absolutely. The correct spelling of the word as it is used, especially in the Deep South, is plumb, not plum.
That dog ran so fast after the rabbit, he was plumb exhausted.
by Ole Deepsouth September 29, 2012
A simpleton, dunce or idiot. Sometimes used in London.
"Eric's just fallen down the stairs... what a plumb!"
by el tony July 26, 2006
to shove your tool into a girls dirty snatch
by dufa January 11, 2007
the straight version of the word faggot; british slang for “exactly straight up and down”. basically straggot but much more creative
ew, you like girls? god, bryan, you’re such a fucking plumb!
by whyte_ryce June 30, 2020
She went to the OB-GYN to have her plumbing checked out.
by Octopod November 6, 2003
Plumbing: The act of inserting frozen plums into one's anus

Plumber: inserting into someone else's anus

Plummed: to be in receipt of plum insertion
What you get up to last night? Plumbing mostly
by Montiero is the worst Chris November 15, 2020
Generic term for the bars of a jail cell
The plumbing in this joint consists of at least 1" hardened steel.
by GGJoe April 14, 2015