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Extremely, entirely, absolutely. The correct spelling of the word as it is used, especially in the Deep South, is plumb, not plum.
That dog ran so fast after the rabbit, he was plumb exhausted.
by Ole Deepsouth September 28, 2012
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an extraordinarily large set of nuts that resemble two plums swaying gingerly in a latex glove.
i stopped pumpin the bitch, but my nuts kept swayin like a pendulum from my nacho to her gut
by Els April 03, 2004
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To have casual sex with a girl.

derrived from how many pornos involve plumbers.
See that hot girl? I'd totally plumb that.
by rsktod January 08, 2005
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A simpleton, dunce or idiot. Sometimes used in London.
"Eric's just fallen down the stairs... what a plumb!"
by el tony July 25, 2006
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ball bag, i.e the scrotum..e.g.. I`ll boot yer plumbs
by M.nelson September 25, 2003
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