8 definitions by not-ss

When someone, who knows a bug exists in code and doesn't fix it.
Classic McCue, knew about the bug but was too lazy to fix it. The Cunt.
by not-ss January 30, 2017
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When someone shoots code from the hip without testing.
Fucking Cowboy Joe is at it again, always committing code to production without testing.
by not-ss September 1, 2017
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When XXX rating isn't enough. Rated BG stands for Bronson Guidance.
🍆💦 - Rated BG
by not-ss January 9, 2017
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When a random cunt is threatening to cut you.
Person 1: What's up Bin chicken?
Person 2: i'll fucking cut you.
by not-ss July 24, 2017
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Bun Chucken, for when the Kiwi in the group can't speak properly.
Tarei, what's a Bun Chucken?
by not-ss July 24, 2017
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The term used for when someone is a human garbage can and steals the food off your plate.
Person 1: Peter is such a bin chicken tonight
Person 2: What do you mean tonight? He's a bin chicken every night.
by not-ss July 26, 2017
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