The act of wasting a bunch of time rewriting old source code in an attemp to make it understandable, usable, and expandable.
wtf... 1200 lines in one function? Don't try to refactor that, just rewrite it.
by AllUltima February 19, 2005
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New-age (or whatever) way to indicate you're rewriting someone's code. Maybe it's intended to sound less pejorative, but it's usually a smokescreen for rewriting someone's code under the guise of using unspecified, and therefore unassailable, "refactoring rules" of which only you are knowledgable.
1) Bill's "refactoring" Jane's code again. He think's he's a better programmer, but he's just a misogynist shitheel. Frankie should fire his raggedy ass.
2) When I change your code, I'm refactoring it. When you change my code, you're just fucking with it.
by therealmookmerkin March 21, 2019
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