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Generally a loser who believes that the only thing in life that matters is working and providing for society. And they pointlessly look down on people who would rather do something actually fun with their time than working all the time.

I'd rather be so called "lazy" and "irresponsible" and enjoy my life doing what I want to do rather than work and be bored all the damn time. Yeah, I understand that work is important to keep society going, but god damn, these people are just plain dull.
Workaholics are wasting their lives away.
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The only real metal band that mainstreamers supposedly "know" of.

Me: Exhorder, Machine Head, Overkill, Pantera, and Helmet.....stuff like that.


Me: You mean DIAMOND Darrell?

MTV kid: WTF!!! You NOOB!!1 It's DIMEBAG DARRELL!!!!!!111

Me: Tsk, tsk, tsk... *Shakes head* That's what I thought.
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The first metal band that Per Yngve Ohlin (aka "Dead") was in before joining Mayhem.
Morbid fucking rule, and December Moon is one of the best black metal demos out there. Too bad Dead committed suicide.
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Is a bunch of bullshit. Repetitive and watered down rock n' roll from the mid to late 80's.

Hair "metal" "musicians" consisted of young bratty slackers that dressed in drag and pitifully lacked in musical talent and creativity; these so called "musicians" really weren't musicians at all, rather they were not in it for the music; but for the money, women, drugs, rockstar image and fame that came along with it. In truth these slackers couldn't give two turds for the music they created, the only reason being these slackers joined rock bands was to follow the popular trend and become famous, sleeping there way to the top without any real effort.

see also: glam metal, arena rock
Wouldn't it be funny? Like, wouldn't it be absolutely fucking hilarious, if like, some former famous Hair metalhead happend to stumble upon this website, look up "hair metal" and blush in embarrassment at all the definitions bashing hair metal, knowing that they were once a part of all that shit?
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A fairly decent Groove metal band started in the New York City underground music scene in 1989. Fronted by lead guitarist and vocalist Page Hamilton. Original members include Henry Bogdan on bass, John Stanier on drums, and Peter Mengede on rhythm guitar. Broke up in 1998 but reformed in 2003 with new members.

Well, yes...I like the original Helmet; but not the watered down, newly reformed so called "Helmet" that plays crappy Alternative rock instead of Heavy metal.
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Stupid goody-two-shoe fuckheads who love to suck up to the government. They think that everything in life is useless and the only thing worth giving attention to is there invisible deity called "god", whom of which they have yet to prove the existance of. They also foolishly believe that the United States was founded as a christian nation, when in fact it was founded upon Agnosticism, yet the Christians stole it from the Agnostics.
I hate christians, They are the worst kind of religious people. They are fucking obnoxious assholes. A christian that lives next door to me snitched me out to the police for smoking the green a couple years back. Hey, guess what. I can do whatever the fuck I WANT, you fucking fascists. I don't care if this is your nation. I am me. So don't you tell ME how to live. I hate you stupid fucking christians. Just fuck off the Earth already and drop dead. Assholes...
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Despite what Americans will tell you, it pales in comparison to Formula 1.

They will try to say that Nascar is better because it has more races, but if they bothered to think first they'd realise that F1 is a World Championship, meaning lots of travel that takes up time. Nascar is confined to America and they don't have to travel far to get to the next race.

Nascar is also very unpopular outside America, someone here said it's getting popular all over the world including Ireland which is a complete lie. It's not shown on any TV channels in Ireland, it gets absolutely NO media coverage and is widely regarded as the laughing stalk of motorsport outside of USA.

They'll also say things like "I'd like to see you drive one at 300kph!". Well F1 cars can go over 370kph on road courses despite over 10 tonnes of total aerodynamic and mechanical downforce, and if you've seen the Monaco GP you'd know how skilled the drivers are to race at over 300kph with metal barriers right next to the track.

If they put F1 cars on an oval they'd be around the 400kph mark. In testing at airstrips they have been over 500kph before, the sorts of speeds top-fuel dragsters do and yet F1 cars have normally aspirated engines, no super or turbochargers, no ABS, no launch control, massive restrictions on aerodynamics and tyres and so on.

F1 is also the richest and most watched sport in the world, the teams spend a combined total of over $2.5 billion per year developing the cars and still make a profit from the sport. It's also watched on TV by an average of 2.5 billion people per race.

They'll also say that races are won at the start and there's no passing, which is total BS. People who say this are just proving how little they know about F1 because there's passing at every race, including the Monaco GP.

So all these idiots who think Nascar is the best are in denial, F1 is ahead in every area.
Rough costs of F1 teams combined (in American dollars):

Wind Tunnel Operation (wind tunnels run 24 hours a day, they never stop developing the aero of the cars): $70,210,000
Car Manufacturing costs: $20,110,000
Research & Development: $175,680,000
Operating cars at tests: $359,680,000
Team Salaries: $313,640,000
Engine budgets: $1,087,500,000
Driver Salaries: $141,100,000
Travel and Accomodation: $82,880,000
Corporate entertaining: $54,150,000
Operating cars at races: $232,060,000
Final cost: $2,537,010,000
Remember, they still make a profit, that's how popular F1 is around the world. Nascar sucks.
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