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Not knowing or admittedly not being capable of proving or disproving the existence of a superior being or beings.

Either used to show a person as "sitting on the fence" or somebody who is certain that the existence of a supernatural being can't be proven or disproven.

Agnosticism is merely the "ism" for "Agnostic".
Agnostic: In THIS universe everything appears to have a cause. What if something outside of this universe, where the same boundaries don't apply, happened to have an input to the development of ours, perhaps even being as minute as starting a large explosion? Could we call this influence "God" or could we call it Science? Can we even prove anything like this happened? It appears my Agnosticism has deleted the boundaries for common religious arguing.

Atheist: *brain broke*
by Imanon April 18, 2011
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The acceptance that you do not know the answers to certian impossible questions.
dude: What is the unified field theory?
Polythiest: GODS + GODDESSES DID IT!!!
Monotheist: GOD DID IT!!!
Atheist: IT DOESN'T EXIST!!!
Agnostic : I don't know.
by waffle October 03, 2003
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The only true sign of intelligence you will encounter from another human being.

A theist, or believer in God, will tell you that he ABSOLUTELY exists. An atheist (non-believer) will say he ABSOLUTELY doesn't.

Well, the last time I checked, it's been like 2000 years since God was reported to have talked to anybody, making it pretty difficult to prove. Besides which, all religion is predicated on faith (See also: Not supposed to be proven).

Prove he doesn't exist? Possibly the only thing harder to do. Besides the enormity of the task, there's the fact that anyone who ever took a logic class knows and that is that you can't prove a negative. You can only prove (sometimes) that something hasn't happened YET. It may still the next time.

So... you have a theist, an atheist and an agnostic... None of them really knows the truth about the nature of existence.

But only the agnostic is smart enough to admit it.
Agnosticism says: I don't know if there's a God or not... and neither do you.

Sleep tight.
by Madmann October 07, 2005
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belief that one is unable to tell if god exists or does not exist. the refusal to decide while one is still living. not to be confused with atheism.
I don't know if god exists, and I can't know until I'm dead so don't bother me about it now.
by awa1019 July 10, 2005
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One who doesn't know if god(s) exist. This includes strong agnostics, those who don't believe it's possible to know if god(s) exist, agnostic theists, those who believe in god(s), but aren't sure if they exist, and agnostic atheists (sometimes called weak atheists), those who lack belief in the existence of god(s) (note: excludes strong atheists, those who assert the non-existence of god(s)).
Person A: I'm an agnostic. I don't know if there are any gods, so I'm making no claims about their existence.
Person B: I'm an atheist and I hold this same view, as Person A's agnosticism doesn't assert the existence of any gods. In this case my atheism is the same as Person A's agnosticism, though if I was a strong atheist I would still be an atheist, but not an agnostic.
Person C: I'm an agnostic theist and I assert that a god exists, though I'm not entirely sure. My agnosticism is different from Person A's an Person B's as I assert the existence of at least one god.
Person D: I believe it's impossible to know if any gods exist, thus I am either theistic or atheistic in my views on the existence of god as a theist could believe it to be impossible to know if god(s) exist, just as an atheist could assert it's impossible to know if god(s) exist.
by alexjohnc3 February 22, 2007
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The only rational position to take in relation to the existence of god. Most (but not all) agnostics are leaning towards atheist, meaning they highly doubt that there is a god, but aren't dogmatic enough to rule it out entirely. Some are theists who accept a certain level of doubt for their beliefs, for the sake of being logical.
Theism: "I know for certain that god exists"

Atheism: "I know for certain that there are no gods"

Agnosticism: "I only know that I don't know"
by Zerotrousers July 30, 2010
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