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Entercom Communications:

An American radio station group, kind of like Clear Channel, but less worse. They like to buy indepedently ran radio stations then once they take control of the station they immediately flip to some sell out format.
"What the fuck? Why is 96.5 playing Mainstream Hip Hop instead of Indie Rock Alternative? Looks like Entercom just bought out another independent radio station! Fuck you, Entercom!"
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See: Donald Rumsfeld

The only guy who would allow 9/11 to happen.
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I was on a metal forum and made a topic asking people for music recommendations.. I mentioned that I love great bands like new Metallica, new Megadeth, Staind, Linkin Park, Atreyu, etc. Everyone was flaming me! and told me to stop being brainwashed by MTV! I laughed and told them that they were crazy because I have great taste in music.
Some dude called me a "noob" and told me to check out this Exodus band for tr00 metal. I listened to this "Fabulous Disaster" album on YouTube and I was disgusted.. Horrible Disaster is more like it!! it was SO bad!! It's just constant blast beats over crappy vocals, it's nothing special at all. For great metal albums listen to "St Anger", "Risk" or "Break The Cycle". See: poo poo band
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A sad nation filled with ignorance, fear, corruption, prejudice, and organized bullshit religion. America has been turned into a fascist theocracy.
Those stupid fucking Christians, they took over America and ruined it.
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The pathetic fucking country that I live in. Which 97% of the people are fucking stupid, and the remaining 3% have to suffer because of the majority's stupidity. Fuck jesus freaks. Fuck religious people. Fuck soccer moms. Fuck rednecks. Fuck America.
Americans are stupid, naive, ignorant and will believe anything.
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