a group of people who influenced the world, and as such, cannot be assigned to one country.
Albert Einstine is not a German, he is a Terrestrial.
by tryplot May 14, 2012
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All animals that live on land are terrestrial.

Without boats and planes, humans are terrestrial!
by swooshms November 22, 2011
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Someone who is an 'alien' to texting, usually older and technologically impaired.
My grandma is such a textra-terrestrial.

Dude A: Did you get ahold of joe?
Dude B: No, he just barely got a phone last week and he's a total textra-terrestrial.
by michaliann October 1, 2009
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Where a man lays on the ground with a soft pens and allows it to erect like a plant growing. Once hard, the woman runs around uncontrollably while frequently sucking and allowing the "plant" to penetrante her.
I'm totally going to mess with my girlfriend tonight, we're going to terrestrial ferret.
by Consicle November 30, 2014
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The sensation of 2 or more different strains of cannabis smoked at one time. One can feel the different "forces" of the different strains "pulling you apart."
After smoking that purp, kush, and that other dank-ass shit, I felt the heavy Terrestrial-Differentiation.
by vvddasgds February 13, 2009
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An individual who is exceptionally active and prone to the outdoors.

My cousin is always outdoors! If he is not parasailing or dirtbiking, he is parasailing or skiing. You've heard of Extra-Terrestrials? He's an Ultra-Terrestrial!

by Tomicus March 28, 2009
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