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Barack Obama

Both Hitler and Obama were confronted with an Economic Crisis. Obama has moved forward with the Nationalization of the Major Industries in this nation as his Answer. First Banking. Now Auto. Next Healthcare. How is this any different than Hitler's solution which was to do the same thing?
Obama is running in the worst economic times known to us since the Great Depression. Hitler did the same thing with the same answers to his economy that Obama has for our economy. Spread the wealth. They both were treated like celebrities in their countries. Are we repeating history? Barack Obama seems like the Chocolate Adolf Hitler.
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Lame korn wannabes. I foolishy listened to this pile of dirt cruelly passed off as "music" because I heard it was good metal. What a dumb idea. Black Sabbath are lame Metallica wannabes too! These talentless copycats stole riffs from "St. Anger" and "Death Magnetic" and put it on their lame albums like they created them! Fucking scumbag faggots.
Skip these Black Sabbath hacks and listen to REAL metal like: Saosin, Korn, Metallica, Disturbed, Slipknot, Three Days Grace, The Used and Puddle Of Mudd.
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Well...this is easy.

The gayest band of all time...
Person 1: hey man, have you heard that new band called 30 Seconds to Mars?
Person 2: Yes! Guess what?
Person 1: What?
Person 2: They are fucking gay!!!!!!!!! You homo go suck their hairless dicks.
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ugly and unfunny redheaded bitch who thinks she's funny but she's not. she is so damn obnoxious omg i want to strangle her.
i hate that stupid kathy griffin GOD DAMN
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lame guitarist, very untalented, guitarist for the lame ass red hot chili peppers, no talent whatesover.
hillel slovak committed suicide in 1988 wat a loser.
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Overrated and incredibly dull folk rock singer that hipsters just love.
"Nick Drake sucks!" - Me
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