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The proper terminology for a Feminist.
A feminist is a misandrist beneath layers of thick fat
by norTnoJ August 09, 2016

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Angry Chair: a Song from the 1992 Alice in Chains Studio Album "Dirt"
"Sitting on an Angry Chair, Angry Walls that steal the Air..."
by norTnoJ August 23, 2016

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Not to be confused with Order 66, Order 666 is a contingency order for the Grand Army of the Republic, wherein all Clone Units are instructed to drag out the Amp and start blasting Metal like no tomorrow.
Palpatine: Execute Order 666
Clone Commander: With Pleasure, Sir.
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by norTnoJ September 13, 2016

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A euphemism for sexual intercourse.
The name itself stems from the "Lenny Face" meme, which has suggestive origins in it's own right.
Fred: Hey, Dave?
Dave: Yeah?
Fred: How did your date go, last night?
Dave: Oh, we chatted, had a couple of Drinks, and later, we ended up Lennying.
Fred: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Dave: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
by norTnoJ December 05, 2016

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The nickname a vehicle receives if someone Jerks their Dick off in it.
Isaac: Hey, where's Stan?
Jake: He's in the Jerkmobile.
Isaac: Oh God.
by norTnoJ September 07, 2016

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The name of the grip one performs during Masturbation.
Alex: Did Dave fix the Hole in his Bedroom Door, yet?
Jake: No, and as a result, I caught him Masturbating... I must say, his Dickgrip is BRUTAL...
Alex: Do I even wanna know?
by norTnoJ August 31, 2016

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An annoying Cunt is someone who disregards the "Inside Jokes" or "Naming" rules of UrbanDictionary, and spam the fucking system. Therefore, most of the people on UrbanDictionary are Annoying Cunts.
Voter: Let's see here... Jerkmobile, huh? Nice. David? Fuck David and everyone who looks like David! Annoying Cunt!
by norTnoJ January 24, 2017

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