A place where you are at your normal time. Your friends & companions know this is where you are at all times. Here, you write and record songs, some of which pertain to being in or around the studio itself.
Sponjetta: "Hey, baby, when you get home, you ain't gotta worry about me. I'll be in my normal place and you know where that be: up in my studio."
by Lacrasia June 30, 2010
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The Studio is a gigantic luxury resort containing millions of extremely fit women aged between the age of first breath and 25. These women are subjected to mass slaughtering and kept on a strict diet of soil and female viagra. These food sources are rich in essential nutrients for healthy growth. There is a weight limit of 55.0kg. If this limit is exceeded, the women will be minced. The women are used for the intense pleasure of four huge-penised males. These men are HS, Gigs, D-Mace, and Boobs. The women in the studio may be hired for a premium price of $30,000,000 per day.
Saw a fat bird walk into the studio, she'd be mince by now.
by trent.the.leg October 8, 2019
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Studio can be an act in which one person is pretending to be or do something they usually won’t, like faking or fronting. Acting studio can also mean something seen, done, or said was cool or awesome. Studio can also be used as a seal of approval, like a good outfit, a scene in a movie, or even a car.
“I heard Josh was drunk at the club and got it shakin with security last night”
“He’s studio bro, he probably did that in front of the bitches.”
by Tommybunz April 23, 2021
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A space in the architecture college where students can work on their projects 24/7. They spend insane periods of time in studio to work on projects instead of socializing with other majors or going out. They eat, sleep, and procrastinate in studio. What happens in studio stays in studio.
"Hey Catherine! Do you want to go out this weekend? There's a party on campus"
"Sorry Courtney, I have studio"
by CatherineTheGreat98 February 20, 2017
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StudioE is a word that is used to describe "uptown", "classy", etc.
by BeverlyC June 7, 2005
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phoney,a fake,claim they raw but they soft like butter.
by leemah July 23, 2003
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Noun: A womans vagina that is very large and spacious on the inside. This large puss feels like you are fucking a bucket of water. Studio refers to the lack of walls in her dirty clam ie: studio apartment.
Q: How was that womans pussy?
A: That bitch was studio. I couldn't feel shit when I was in there.
by P. Donohoe February 21, 2006
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