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verb : To combine different elements together to form an equivalent deal.
The grocery store allows customers to mix and match different types of products (and still get the reduced price).
by nick_g July 27, 2010
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Means a small amount of anything. Could refer to anything,
depending on the context in which it is used.
The annual company gifts were pretty slim pickens this year.
by nick_g August 17, 2011
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small amounts , usually added bit by bit over a long period of time
I plan to repay the whole debt with just dribs and drabs over the next two years.
by nick_g July 28, 2010
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Usually said sarcastically about someone who must complete an apparently simple task
All I have to do is teach simple slang words.
Why do I feel like such a miracleworker?
by nick_g July 15, 2011
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A Hispanic person who acts like a Caucasion
Juan is such a jicama, he belivies in strict immigration laws!
by nick_g May 29, 2011
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(adj) very much alchoholically intoxicated
He is so short bused that he couldnt even remember his own name
by nick_g October 1, 2010
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A second refridgerator, usually kept in the basement or garage of a house
There's another six pack in the beer fridge downstairs.
by nick_g June 23, 2011
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