32 definition by nick_g

Usually said sarcastically about someone who must complete an apparently simple task
All I have to do is teach simple slang words.
Why do I feel like such a miracleworker?
by nick_g July 15, 2011

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A Hispanic person who acts like a Caucasion
Juan is such a jicama, he belivies in strict immigration laws!
by nick_g May 28, 2011

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Said to someone when they used to provide very helpful things, but no longer do
You used to give me great things, but -
What have you done for me lately?
by nick_g July 12, 2011

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nown : a device which drains extensive amounts of resources
The DVR is a dracula, using tremendous amounts of power when you are not watching TV.
by nick_g June 30, 2011

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