The young boar reacted with caution, but quickly followed the rest of the sounder inside the trap.
by morpheus30 June 2, 2018
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A Sounder is a noun used to describe when good people expose bad people doing bad things. We have words for people telling on others... narc, snitch, tattletale, whistleblower but all are negative connotations. What's the good word for people exposing bad people? What's the good word for people sounding off about bad people doing bad things... SOUNDER
Bobby sounded off about the bullies on the bus and exposed them to help other children. Bobby is a true Sounder and we are rewarding him for being an amazing person with a plaque and gift certificates.

Benghazi hearings aren't over yet! Top Republicans are expecting more true American Sounders to step forward and sound off to find the truth.
by QLman May 13, 2013
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Meaning "sound" but lengthened.
"Hello Dave, what you been up to mate? I just bought a new car john, really?, Sounders.

"That tune was sounders"
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Really, deeply asleep
I was sounders when the blue moth flew in
by Ge0rg13 June 12, 2015
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A person who is addicted to one artist or one type of music, or someone who has not been exposed to ny other genres of music.
Alex: Yo Max, it's some emo rocker!
Max: *sighs* Such and uno-sounder...
Alex: Hey - you faggot emo obsessed fiend! *tosses Rammstein album to him*, FEUER FREI BITCH!
by currently humping your mom April 18, 2006
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An American MLS soccer team in Seattle, Washington. The original USL team was founded in 1974, and they joined the MLS in 2009 as an expansion team. They average 40,000+ fans per game which is one of the highest attendance records in MLS. They have yet to miss the playoffs and set the record for the most consecutive MLS wins in history. As of 2019, they have won two MLS Cups (2016 & 2019), four Lamar Hunts US Open Cups, one Supporter's Shield, and three Western Conference Championships. They are also currently tied for the most Cascadia Cups with the Vancouver Whitecaps. Their two biggest rivals are Vancouver and the Portland Timbers who are far less accomplished than the Sounders.
"My favorite MLS team is the Seattle Sounders!"
by Knowledgeable Soccer Gal December 12, 2019
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The exact term used when a plan is achieved to it's fullest. When there is no qualms about any detail and everyones singing from the same hymn sheet.
"You sorted the med's?"

"Ye man, I'll pick you up"

"Is the munch and tea there?"

"Oh ye"

"Gary Sounders...."
by Nathan The Pitbull Sekaro August 27, 2008
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