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The real definition to this word is something else. Most posted here are of angry people spitting out outrageous words believe it or not.

-A member of a sect of Adventism distinguished chiefly for its observance of the Sabbath on Saturday. Very kind people who welcome anyone with a helping hand. Do not cause harm or force anyone to love God but it is a mere choice. Have real morals and beliefs and a strong foundation. Everything is backed up correctly. Many facilities are based and started up from the SDA.
Mark: Hey Paul can you cover my shift on monday?

Paul: Sorry I am SDA and must attend practices for religious reasons. How about any other 2 days you need to be covered for?

*Hospitality and Godliness

Just a mere definition and example.
by helloitsfactz August 19, 2011
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Abbreviation for a Christian Denomination known as Seventh-Day Adventist
He's christian dude, SDA to be exact.
by paco the mexicano June 22, 2005
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Adj. Desdribing unfavorable traits of character or circumstance stemming from a false or irrational foundation. temporary or permanent.

i.e. Something that sucks and makes no sense.

Orgin - Acronym for Seventh Day Adventists
"Your girlfreind thinks you cheated on her?"
"Yeah shes been pretty SDA lately"
by souplogic October 27, 2004
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abbrev. "Seventh Day Adventists." A bunch of jew-wannabes. They don't say "Saturday," but call it the "Sabbath," and don't do any work between sundown Friday and sundown Saturday. They don't eat pork either or have sex until they're married, and they run around crying about the end times and how everyone treats them 'cause they're different (duh).
I have to work this Saturday because my SDA coworker can't come into the office and write code, but he can go mountain climbing because that isn't "work." What a fuck.
by SkidMarkyMark May 02, 2006
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sexual display of affection as oppose to pda (public display of affection). to describe those couples who just can't keep it in their pants in public.
"dude jack and jill need to cut back on the SDA, it's totally uncalled for"
by swiss1o1 May 13, 2009
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Acronym for "Spontaneous Display of Affection" Can occur in person (hugs, kisses, etc.), Over the phone ("i love you"), over email or IM (emoticons, typing).

SDAs generally occur after long silences. It is not considered an SDA if it is brought about by any action of the two (or possibly more) parties.
<Jack and Jill are silently walking>

Jill: (out of the blue) I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU! (hugs and kisses Jack)

Jack: Boy, it seems i am at the business end of a serious SDA!
by Lomov January 21, 2010
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