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The Financial District of San Francisco, California. Also known as Wall Street West.
My office is in the FiDi near Market Street.
by Momus the Sarcastic August 06, 2009
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to annoy someone by poking them with a sharp object like a pen, pencil, or fingernail.
Please stop acupestering me with your pen.
by Momus the Sarcastic May 12, 2012
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adj. cunty and ugly.
Her new hairdo makes her look so cungly.
by Momus the Sarcastic June 01, 2009
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Neck skin that hangs over a too-tight collar.
She: You need to buy new shirts.
He: Why?
She: Your collar is so tight that you have a neck muffin.
by Momus the Sarcastic January 30, 2010
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eating while making disgusting grunting, snuffling, snarling noises; usually accompanied by food stains on clothing, mouth, table.
He: What's that noise?
She: It's Bob. He's ogre-eating a pizza.
by Momus the Sarcastic December 08, 2009
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To drive with the blinker still flashing after changing lanes or making a turn.

Also: fogey flasher, fogey flashing
He: Is that guy going to turn?
She: No. He's been fogey flashing for six blocks.
by Momus the Sarcastic December 21, 2009
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An attorney more noted for getting publicity than for legal abilities.
He: I see that fame-whore who claims to be an actor's mistress has an attorney to handle the press.

She: Yeah, she's retained a sluttorney instead of a lawyer.
by Momus the Sarcastic December 02, 2009
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