a groomer is someone who builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, exploit and abuse them.
person 1: fuck zoe laverne...she’s literally a groomer!

person 2: how what did she do?

person 1: she is 19 and used her tiktok “fame” to manipulate a 13 y/o fan.
-cuddled and KISSED him multiple times

- she “caught feelings” for him

- she gave him a vapes
-twerked on him
and SOOO much more

person 2: oh wow i didn’t know that....THEN YEAH FUCK ZOE LAVERNE!!
by intheloop4theyouth November 2, 2020
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A much older adult who has sex with teenagers.
"At the age of 16, an attractive, naïve, yet horribly precocious only child living in Twickenham, Barber began a two-year sexual relationship with a much older man whom she calls Simon. Nowadays, flashy Simon, with his posh motors and fancy cigars, would be called a predator or a groomer but back then, still in the days when even the brightest girls were expected to bag a man at the first opportunity, it was Barber's parents who actively encouraged the affair." (Review in The Scotsman, July 15, 2009)
by Johnny Buzzard July 15, 2009
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-Have you seen what zoe laverne posted yesterday?
=No lol, I don't follow her. she is a groomer
by idk yet teehee December 9, 2020
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1 (the crime definition): An adult that builds a sense of trust with a minor to exploit and/or abuse them, typically (but not always) in a sexual manner. This is a crime, and it also causes harm to the minor.

2 (in US politics): What republican politicians and supporters refer to LGBTQIA+ people and their allies as, to manipulate their audience to pass anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation. This is targeting and harming LGBTQIA+ people and the people using the word in this manner typically are (or have connections with those who are) actual groomers.

3 (the pet definition): A person who washes and takes care of pets (typically but not always dogs) while people are away from their home, typically for pay. To make sure people are confused with the first definition, these people are typically called pet groomers.
1. You definitely shouldn't be a groomer, that's a crime and is outright immoral!

2. It's very ironic that Glen Uselmann considers LGBTQIA+ people as groomers when he literally groomed a 12 year-old from girl from 1988 to 1992.

3. I went on vacation last week and the flight had a no-pets rule, so I hired a pet groomer to make sure my dog is okay while I'm gone.
by v1vdefineswords July 23, 2022
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either a dog groomer or the worst kind of human beings
1. the nearest dog groomer is around 13 meters from my house

2. kill yourself groomer
by DisguisedDevil December 8, 2022
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The operator,The man, The mith, The legend, one who defines the mountain, one who hates skiers and snowboarders alike, defender of the Fletchanism, and keeper of the quarteroy. All hail the 350!!!
Whooah! Check out the headlights on that Groomer!!
by super groomer December 3, 2006
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some kid who overuses the word cope. Generally a Dick to be around he may even love cupcakes
Yo Dude, Yea? Bims a groomer, Not Suprised.
by Not A Groomer September 4, 2022
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