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a very little plot sexist violent slasher movie that a real man watches,not for soppy women chick flick or boring pussy little boy's dick flick.all macho man,sadistic hyper drunken ultra crazy action,blood,gore galore,girl on girl,mass murder,sexy young naked whore's,rapists,serial killers and some hardcore group sex.
Johnny:are you coming out for once to all-night dick flick to see Die Harder, Rambo,Lethal Weapon?
Norman:NO!FUCK OFF .l.!that's shit for sissy and dicks,i'm staying @ home getting drunk wanking off downloading the new prick flick im the ape man.
Johnny:that's very disturbing behaviour,you're twisted fucker!you need some serious help.
by mohair August 13, 2007

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commonly refered to Finland being as the makers of nokiamobile phones and not much else,except winners of Eurovision Song Contest 2006, finns are mostly racist drunken tribal society,rude & territorial and really dont like outsiders/foreigners having fun due to lack of any sense of humour,if you believe what others have reported.oh yeah! rubbish @ hockey.
by mohair June 16, 2007

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A IM/SMS symbol for a british icecream cornet with a chocolate flake stuck on top
infatuated girl recieves text from abusive guy:OMG!ahhh,do you really love me sending me the text <3-?
guy sunbathing in garden: WTF! NO i don't you stupid bitch,i can hear greensleeves tune!i want you to go to the Mr Whippy icecream van and get me a 99,doubled flaked <3= and dont you forget to sprinkle 100's and 1,000's on top!
by mohair August 10, 2007

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Imtheapeman,a new generation stimulant smart drug is known to increase wakefulness mood-brightening people's intelligent,weight loss athlete performance virtually overnight.
i was falling alittle behind in class,but ever since this Asian student gave me a little white pill Imtheapeman @ night club last year, my life has changed. I went from an C/D student to straight A/s,losing 100 lbs and cracking the 100 in under 10 seconds speeding all the way to state champ. I am so focused on the job @ hand without any physical side effects.
by mohair August 08, 2007

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abbreviation of The United States of Europe
the 'new' 21st Century Superpower as powerful as, or even more powerful than the United States of America.
by mohair September 04, 2007

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swedehead/turniphead syndrome A Brain damage head that's much larger than normal coming from consequences of the world's worst industrial catastrophe Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident in 1986 Swedish babies born on land contaminated with radioactive materials were most exposed in the months following had changes in DNA of the sperm and ovum caused genetic damage. Such mutations are passed on from generation to generation mental/physical development impaired by radioactive fallout from the nuclear accident,according to a long term studies in Stockholm Syndrome effects especially children conceived 1983 onwards.This mutation in babies if they survive and not just a vegetable are most commonly found in the most contaminated areas where radioactive cloud floated over,mainly affected the population of in no particular order Sweden Scotland Western Soviet Union/ Eastern Europe Finland Denmark Norway Austria Poland Switzerland Germany Ireland North America.
the term swedehead syndrome now covers any significant symptoms which include distinctive DNA mutations missing or duplicated deformed body parts,reserved personalities fair complexions misshapen heads,stunted growth,beached body hair strange radioactive blue cats eyes which glow in the dark.Sexual Dysfunctions in Men with limp penis,which makes the suffers moody and rude.
by mohair August 16, 2007

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cooked Cat casserole,it's what Australians eat for Sunday lunch along with kangaroo's.
The cat meat should be boiled alive,skinned,diced and fried with onions and garlic and served with chutney until it is browned
It is highy recommended that the dish be left to simmer for @ least five hours before eating.
Aussie drongo Bloke: g'day mate, youse coming over for Sunday arvo barbie and catterole to watch the Footy?
Pommy bastard:no thank you,i'm vegetarian,wheres the dunny?
drango:ok Figjam Whinging Greenie Bastard,the cook not too happy,but No worries mate,that's Fair dinkum,BYO (Bring Your Own)Sanger and XXXX tinnies.
by mohair September 03, 2007

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