assuming everyone knows what 69 is...1 is the guy watching
look up 69 for the example and then add 1 for the full example of 169.
by AJAJAJAJAJ October 25, 2007
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The most fearful number to those who know how to multiply and find square roots and believe in the 13 superstition.
13X13=169. The most feared number.
by sean 169 April 25, 2006
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when to people 69 and then a man stands awkwardly next to them and watches
awkard guy: "wtf man?! i wanted to 69 with her"
guy who got 69: "fuck you, and enjoy the fact that you could 169, fucking prick"
by mrjayc February 28, 2012
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2 people doing the 69 act while another looks on
I was the prime in 169
by OG Ricanjoe October 16, 2018
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hey jim wana do the 169 sure lets get ann
by Phil March 1, 2004
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When two people are 69ing and the gay guy puts his dick in between them and fucks them
Yeah I was 69ing my girl and some creep comes in and made it a 169
by Thedudeofthings March 10, 2018
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