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Beautiful capital of Slovakia. The place where young lousy Brits come to get pissed because they think that beer is cheaper there and that the local residents are eager to watch them tottering and roaring in the middle of a day. They usually damage statues, swim in fountains and act as total assholes. The situations is getting better as their economy sinks and the shabby bastards can no longer afford even the cheapest tickets.
Brit in Bratislava: "Oi you bloody cunt. We want 6 beers, bottle of vodka and a pack of Marlboro."

Shop assistant: "Sorry gentlemen, but this is a flower shop."
by k.i.f. September 11, 2010
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The term "going to Bratislava" refers to the act of getting piss drunk, usually by means of - though not limited to - the consumption of a brand of cheap vodka known as "Taiga." The after effects of "going to Bratislava" may include throwing up on oneself and/or others, forgetting almost everything that occurred the previous evening, and developing an unbearable, seemingly perpetual hangover.
"Hey did you see the trail of vomit Thomas left in the parking lot after the party?"

"Yeah, he really went to Bratislava last night!"
by clewisfan May 23, 2009
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It's a capital of Slovakia. Population is around 400 000 people. Town with nice girls, what more can you ask for?
It's worthy to come and check it out.
-Eurotrip movie is crap!!
+I ve seen on TV report from Bratislava. It does not look like in Eurotrip!!
-no way!
+yea, I m telling ya!
by bboyeahhh December 15, 2006
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