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An Award given to a person or group of people gained through the internet.
eWards go to recognition of the contributions and impact that electronic new communicative technologies have made on World Wide WebWWW.com.
eWard's are granted to exemplary talented person or institution making outstanding innovation achievement that make a positive impact in the digital field.(Designers,people,gamers the art & advertising entertainment,animation).
Urban Dictionary has just been eWarded World Best Website 2007 for the 5th year running,the Dictionary beening constantly in top 200(ranked 169)since 1999 and reaches unique global audiences 10 million monthly vistors traffic to gain the eWard certificate.
by mohair August 28, 2007

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the day's between christmas and New Year (27th-30th december),'twix,take a break'
'twixmas'capitalist pigs idea to squeeze more profit from christianity and abusing the poor minimum wagers to slave away there holiday season.
by mohair August 24, 2007

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smoking weed,hits from the bong,Take another toke,Dum Maro Dum.
remember kids,Dum Maro Dum(Take another toke) & avoid all needle drugs. The only dope worth shooting is George Bush.
Hare Krishna
by mohair May 08, 2007

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Another way of saying homosexual.
Hey steve, that kid over there is a crystal palace fan, dont talk to him.
by mohair March 13, 2008

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A IM/SMS symbol for a british icecream cornet with a chocolate flake stuck on top.
infatuated teenage girl:OMG!ahhh,do you really love me sending me the text <3-?
abusive older guy: WTF! NO i don't you stupid bitch,i can hear green sleeve!i want you to go to the Mr Whippy icecream van and get me a 99,doubled flaked and dont you forget to sprinkle 100's and 1,000's on top!
by mohair August 08, 2007

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A way of telling someone that you are gay.

dave: "I'm going to support crystal palace."
pete:"Does your mom know you're gay?"
by mohair March 13, 2008

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Real name Norma Bates a One Hit Wonder singer who was born a six toed freak and would go to bed with any man willing to fuck a dyed hair vacuum with nipples,theories elieve to have died from sleeping with John F. Kennedy and gave him VD,so the Psycho knifed her in a bath .

Marilyn Monroe one and only record "Happy venereal infections for U"
by mohair April 30, 2007

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