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Imtheapeman,a new generation stimulant smart drug is known to increase wakefulness mood-brightening people's intelligent,weight loss athlete performance virtually overnight.
i was falling alittle behind in class,but ever since this Asian student gave me a little white pill Imtheapeman @ night club last year, my life has changed. I went from an C/D student to straight A/s,losing 100 lbs and cracking the 100 in under 10 seconds speeding all the way to state champ. I am so focused on the job @ hand without any physical side effects.
by mohair August 08, 2007
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a coded amphetamine-fueled song by the British hippy group The Kinks.Ray Davies eventually suffered a nervous and physical breakdown from the pressures of wild drink/drug-infused lifestyle.He ditched his wild ways and wrote the song 'You nearly got me' after recovery
Im the ape man is anagram of amphetamine.
by mohair August 09, 2007
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