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When you have to poop so bad you pull off from the highway to shit.
The other day I was going to explode so I did a Jared Poop. Luckily no one drove by when I did it.
by Mitchell man February 28, 2008
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eSlap is an online bitch slap. Normally from someone correcting an email you sent out and sending it to everyone in their address book to make you look bad.
Tim: Hey everyone don't go to XYZ restaurant because I heard they are stealing credit card information.

Jim: Dear Everyone,I saw this on SNOPES and this isn't true. Tim,you need to get your facts straight before sending us emails.

Tim: Damn, I feel like I just got eSlapped. I was just trying to do everyone a favor.
by Mitchell Man February 06, 2009
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xbox zombie is the state-of-mind that you are in when your Xbox 360 is broken. You don't show any emotion, just playing Xbox 360 in your head.
Aaron: Jared are you Ok? You look like you are missing your best friend.

Jared: No man, my Xbox 360 just crashed it will be 2 months before it is returned.

Aaron:Get a life dude!! Don't act like an Xbox Zombie. There is more to life than staying up all night playing war with your buddies.
by Mitchell Man February 19, 2009
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C.T.A.F. stands for Can't Trust a Fart.
When you are just getting over a case of diarrhea and you don't know if your going to fart or shit your pants.
Honey wake up!! We need to change the sheets I just shit the bed. I have had the runs all day and thought it was safe but C.T.A.F.
by Mitchell Man July 10, 2008
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Carni-cooties is after you leave the County Fair or State Fair the creepy feelings you have on your skin. Knowing that you touched the same thing as a carni worker or the freaks that only come outside once a year to go to the fair.
#1 - I feel like there are ticks crawling all over my skin after leaving the fair, it must be the carni -cooties.

#2 - Maddie, DON"T TOUCH ANYTHING UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE WASHED YOU HANDS 5 TIMES!!!!! I think we got some carni-cooties on us.
by Mitchell man August 02, 2009
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When you spend the day shitting on the edge of the boat because you drank too much beer the night before.
fish'n shits
Jared: Wow!!! that's my 10th keeper bass today. Tim, how many have you caught?
Tim: I caught me a bad case of fish'n shits. I can't even get to my pole. Hey!! hand me a cigarette!
by Mitchell Man July 10, 2008
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Gatlin gun is multiple pelvic thrusts while ejecting yourself from a chair. Normally a sound effect is acceptable (bam,bam,.........bam).
While Aaron was getting out of his seat. He yelled to Jared and said "Gatlin Gun" bam,bam,.........bam!!!!
by Mitchell man May 21, 2008
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