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Slang term for booze. Named as such due to the evil effects (on both the body and behavior) it will provide for the person drinking it.
Your at the ginmill again, Murph. Geez, you just cant get enough of that evil water, can ya?
by mister delicious July 29, 2008
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When a cop makes a proactive arrest minutes before his shift is over so that the paperwork and booking procedures allow for a couple hours of overtime for that officer.
Tom has to be in debt nowadays, look at that collars for dollars pinch he just brought in.
by mister delicious May 28, 2007
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Half booze, half mixer. A typical have-zee would consist of a 16 ounce glass, 8 ounces of which is Jack Daniels, and the rest is Coke.
If you really wanna get loose right away, have the bartender fix you a have-zee.
by mister delicious February 7, 2007
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Term referring to the day to day operations of a typical Police Department.
There's so much drama in this goddamn department, it's like high school with guns.
by mister delicious January 27, 2007
Christian really wanted another kid, so he decided to flip-the-snip
by mister delicious February 15, 2007
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That one dude amongst a group of friends/coworkers that is always getting into some type of shady shit.
That freakin Juke Master Dion is at it again; he's unbelieveable!
by mister delicious May 26, 2007
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Used to describe a payrate for a person who is working overtime on a holiday. Typically, when an individual is on the JUMBOTRON, they are making triple time.
Chris is rollin in the dough lately, he hit up 8 solid hours on the JUMBOTRON.
by mister delicious January 30, 2007
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