Urban child transportation vehicle operating on 4 wheels or more.
Johnny was hit by a perambulator when he was a child.
by Miller August 30, 2003
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(verb) To walk about or to stroll.
My ma said I should do somethig beside sit on the couch, so I went to perambulate.
by Wirewood_Shadow September 14, 2005
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walk or travel through or round a place.
walk round (a parish, forest, etc.) in order to officially assert and record its boundaries.
"The turtle was perambulating".
"Commissioners were appointed to perambulate the Devon forests before Whitsun 1319"
by spikeymcnothx March 10, 2018
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Even though Jonathan believes the usage of the word to be incorrect, we will perambulate to the gym today to train our chest muscles and triceps.
by Jon you are wrong July 10, 2006
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