683 definitions by michael foolsley

TOO close for comfort! -close enough to get ones' lips on!
my dentist's new hygienist got sucklingly close to my face with her huge bazooms, giving me the spermers' BA-LEWS!!

his crank was sucklingly close to his/her lips!!

the statuesque human came sucklingly close to the DNA prisoner!
by michael foolsley September 01, 2011
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ejaculation, -the 'calling' (and churning!) of the male 'butter'
after the pickup bar rebuff, his only recourse was to go off and summon the hot drops!

she was vigorously grinding him, trying to summon the hot drops!

he was burning in hell trying to summon the hot drops
by michael foolsley July 25, 2010
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something about this life -reflection on the mysterious realm of day to day existence with other people, and a comment on the frustration of same. (this does not even take into consideration natural "disasters" and/or "god's will" situations!!!!!) ie; mental asylum without walls, "free range" mental asylum!
judy gave john the heave-ho, he just shrugged and said; sump'm bout this life!

i caught 'the' cancer! -sump'm bout this life!

my mother just died -sump'm bout this life!
by michael foolsley December 16, 2009
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keep appendages away from one of the 'super toilets' when flushing. one could easily visualize self going right down!!
he jumped back in a super toilet panic when he heard the "jet taking off" sound!!

i found myself in a super toilet panic upon flushing same!!
by michael foolsley December 14, 2009
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go somewhere, travel -(from the ancient song 'surrey down to the stone soul picnic', written by laura nyro (R.I.P.) and performed by the insipid 5th dimension)

a surrey is a 4-wheeled 2-seated horse-drawn carriage
lets' surrey on down to the bluntsman's and procure some 'goodness'

i'm going to surrey on over to jane's for a 'taste'
by michael foolsley December 27, 2009
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have a heart attack resulting in death, -brother of 'checked out'
-sorry about your dad dude! -what happened?
he 'tacked out on my stepma in mid-pump!!!
by michael foolsley November 30, 2009
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any variety of incessantly yapping beloved lap dog (only by its' owner, ie: 'not my child')

someone who talks WAY too much! ie: diarrhea of the mouth!!
the crackheads were burglarizing a house when they encountered yappy the dog!!

that bitch talks WAY too much!! -fuckin' ay!!, -yappy the dog!
by michael foolsley November 27, 2009
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