683 definitions by michael foolsley

reaction to non-acceptance or rejection of ones' completely valid idea or concept while accepting a lesser concept/idea!
back to 'drawing board' with tail between legs
john submitted his dick and balls to someones' mouth but it was deem unacceptable...-well, FUCK YOU!!!
by michael foolsley November 28, 2009
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lack of color -never an indication of a healthy situation.
that program made my computer mad and it went pale, i'm going to have to reboot that bitch!

steve went pale because of hypothermia

ace caught 'the' cancer and went pale
by michael foolsley March 11, 2010
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aberrant behavior -human behavior of a less-than-"civilized" (or "sane") nature! -supreme 'stink-upon' of another/other being/s!
joe stack went wild, got in his plane and crashed into the I.R.S. building; showing them all a lesson!
the abortion non-believer went wild, and shot that bastard doctor!
the va tech shooter went wild with his armament! -some MORE 'blue ball' casualties!
by michael foolsley February 20, 2010
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male masturbation -the parallel of striking a match against a rough surface to get a flame.

i just thought of this concept and remain totally puzzled why a brit hadn't thought of it??? -whats up witchoo guys??, thought you guys invented the language!? (just 'screwing' with you!!!)
joe couldn't get a 'taste' so he was forced to 'strike off'

there was no one to help john out, so he ended up striking off!
by michael foolsley December 30, 2009
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long 'thread' of ejaculate -perhaps with some 'pearls'
the string he left later transformed into a snail trail

the string of 'hot sauce' he discharged had its' tims on, ready for 'work'!
by michael foolsley February 11, 2010
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an artificial entity one becomes too friendly with, that can end up making a fool of one. examples would include drugs (especially cocaine!!) alcohol, sex, money, gambling
back in the 80s' cocaine was the new messiah!! -what a sucker trap!!

those 'praying' to alcohol are worth pitying, such a sucker trap!!

she "ground the poison" out of him, effectively making him her SLAVE! -a genuine a sucker trap!!
by michael foolsley September 10, 2012
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what the 'cold snap' of january 2010 (2/3 of usa!) can do!!!!!!!!!!)
he politely explained to the sales'person' that he/she could "suckle my rectum"!!

encouraging the policemen to "suckle my rectum", john awoke bruised; in a cage!

the "pump and dump" walked away steaming, shouting; suckle my rectum!!!
by michael foolsley January 05, 2010
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