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A BULLSHIT term most often found in the personal ads placed by insecure gold diggers!! this is a PARTICULARLY ignorant term, especially now; when everyone and his/her relatives are LOSING THEIR ASS!!

basically, a plea/expectation to be 'taken care of' for a prolonged period of time, in exchange for sexual favors. -not even the rich can GUARANTEE they are going to be "in the money" for ever and ever!!

'financially secure' actually is a good thing!, its' the same as the person saying: I'm an IDIOT!!, don't even bother answering this ad!! (-sign of a MASSIVE ego, re: looks personality, AND sex skills!!)
george answered the ad stating financially secure, being pretty sure he could run a scam good enough to CRACK THAT CROTCH!!

john had a large trust fund, but steered clear of the ads stating financially secure!

i saw financially secure in my toilet bowl after i relieved myself!!
by michael foolsley November 23, 2011
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by mr.poopter January 26, 2011
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