681 definitions by michael foolsley

leaning to one side while sitting in a chair to 'help' a fart emerge!
i was brewing a good fart while sitting, so i did a tock slant as i enjoyed its' birth!

jane did a tock slant and 'cut' a tear-ass!, i sucked in all the fragrance i could; and laughed till i was crying!!
by michael foolsley March 05, 2010
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reaction to non-acceptance or rejection of ones' completely valid idea or concept while accepting a lesser concept/idea!
back to 'drawing board' with tail between legs
john submitted his dick and balls to someones' mouth but it was deem unacceptable...-well, FUCK YOU!!!
by michael foolsley November 28, 2009
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lack of color -never an indication of a healthy situation.
that program made my computer mad and it went pale, i'm going to have to reboot that bitch!

steve went pale because of hypothermia

ace caught 'the' cancer and went pale
by michael foolsley March 11, 2010
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aberrant behavior -human behavior of a less-than-"civilized" (or "sane") nature! -supreme 'stink-upon' of another/other being/s!
joe stack went wild, got in his plane and crashed into the I.R.S. building; showing them all a lesson!
the abortion non-believer went wild, and shot that bastard doctor!
the va tech shooter went wild with his armament! -some MORE 'blue ball' casualties!
by michael foolsley February 20, 2010
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what those who link up with large-chested females end up with! -after gravity does its' magic, these women won't need "braws"; they'll need wheelbarrows!! -VIVA SMALL CHESTED WOMEN!!
ah seed this babe at the nude beach with wheelbarrow tits!!

she had a nice body, but had the wheelbarrow tits!
by michael foolsley December 31, 2009
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motivator for the currency-challenged, taking notice of the potential of money dispense, possible aphrodisiac
in the early 1900s, residents of the south got a whiff of money from chicago.

in the thirties and forties, many got a whiff of money from washington dc, and proceded to suckle the government teat!

judy cashdollar got a whiff of money from the rolex 'ordinary' joe barnes was wearing at the pick-up bar.

jim got a whiff of money from the potential new employer

she got a whiff of money and got 'moist'
by michael foolsley August 11, 2010
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whistling for cancer like you were calling you're dog!!

response to someone expressing concerns that an activity like eating or smoking, can have hidden potential, risks for cancer.
also, a 'devil may care', masochistic, 'don't give a damn'!, 'bring it on'!! attitude towards the 'called out' activity.

-if there were charlatans re: health all through history, why would we be any 'smarter' now? better technology is not a definite 'catch-all'. -cell phones are suspect now, lap held radar guns have proven to give cops 'ball' cancer, so why couldn't something as simple and innocuous as say, plastic; be a cancer causer?? (radio & cell waves?) asbestos and DDT, once worshiped; now have the 'stamp of the devil'

-hey, hey, hey, "its' all good!" -'whistle for cancer'!!
hey bull!, you sure eat a lot of 'shit sandwiches'! '-whistle for cancer'!!
you're not worried breathing all those paint fumes?? '-whistle for cancer'!!
-you sure got a thing for those cig-o-rets, mi-cole!! -whistle for cancer!
you could catch 'the' cancer soaking up all that 'tainted shot'!! -whistle for cancer!!
by michael foolsley February 04, 2010
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