A job where no work is involved. To get paid for doing nothing. Standing around at work and talking all day.
by Mike January 18, 2004
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a very lucrative or rewarding situation or arrangement, likely to
continue for some time.

When the Congressman got elected to the Senate, he knew he was on the gravy train
by Figleaf23 January 8, 2009
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A job that pays well and only requires that it look like your working on paper. Most of the time spent "working" is on the road.
Well, it looks like Crystal and Greer are at the strip club again. They sure are riding that gravy train hard.
by LuvsMCs November 8, 2007
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Person one: Why is there gravy all over this platform?

Person two: Could have been a gravy train.
by Pak_1 July 30, 2005
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To jump on the bandwagon.
Made popular by Pink Floyd's single Have A Cigar.
It means to conform to something you think sounds cool and do it just because others are, without even realizing what you are doing
"The band is just fantastic, that is really what i think. Oh by the way, which one is Pink?"
"And did they tell you the name of the game, boy. They call it riding the Gravy Train."

-Have A Cigar, Pink Floyd
by Paige K November 6, 2007
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When ejaculate is transferred from one female to another by way of mouth.
I was screwing my girl and finished in her mouth she then turned and started the gravy train with her best friends.
by dirt_circle_destroyer July 8, 2016
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A very difficult Gay sexual act normally consisting of 6 gay men in an orgy. Four of the men are having anal sex , all while underneath them the other two men assume the ball licking position as the other men are fucking doggystyle. In order for the position to work the two men getting it in the ass should need to take a huge shit , or have a bad case of the runs. Immediately after the two men servicing the ass givers cum in the buttholes , the guys who took it in the ass then proceed to shit on the receivers down below .

Hence the phrase Gravy Train because its a bloomin Shitty Gravy like mess afterwards.
We did the Gravy train while my wife was away last week , and my butthole still hurts !!!!!
by Ass monger November 6, 2006
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