683 definitions by michael foolsley

trying (spotlight on TRYING, now!!) to 'wean' oneself off some addictive substance, no matter WHAT it is!! (i.e- food, drugs, sex, cohol, cigs...e.t.c.) KICK=kick out the door!!
i'm trying to kick cheese, i'm wearin' some NOW!!

i'm tryin' to kick these cigs, but its' more work than i want to do!!

i'm trying to kick his/her 'unit', but its' SOOO SWEET!!

trying to kick them 'acid'-burgers.......
by michael foolsley May 31, 2011
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trying to 'jump start' or 'awaken' a 'sleeping' gastrointestinal system. -this is usually more trouble than it is worth!, the 'system' usually responds with a 'sleeping drunk', FUCK YOU!!

one might as well load up the 'system' with dynamite (laxative/s) or, just GIVE THE FUCK UP! and wait until its' "flop-cutting time"!!
think i'll try to shit, i KNOW i'm full o' poison!

one has to work hard!, to try to shit!

one doesn't try to shit, one HAS a shit!
by michael foolsley May 31, 2011
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a reference to cunnilingus! (hetero OR homo!) could even extend to "gardening" or shaving of the female 'prime part'. (OR: tuna tendING) -ME for THAT!
jane and lauren were tuna tenders, but remained sympathetic to the personal hell of the male!

as much as john LOVED 'ramming'/plunging to 'oblivion', he had become somewhat of a tuna tender aficionado, making him WAY more desirable to females, than your typical everyday "bargain basement" 'piledriver'!!

tuna tending was something he CRAVED and looked forward to!!, it became something that superseded even his own pleasure!
by michael foolsley March 27, 2014
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problem free passage of time with other humans!; on an airplane, "on drugs", at a meeting, being married, etc! -this is an exceptionally rare and precious happenstance!! (usually one human or another invariably contributes some 'stink' to the situation.)
it was a turbulence free cruise, everyone was on a wave of 'self-enchantment'

even john enjoyed himself! it was a turbulence free cruise

as the airplane shook violently, all on board were having a turbulence free cruise!
by michael foolsley January 02, 2010
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bad attitude!!; someone appearing 'mad all the time'

(used by warren beatty in the film, 'mccabe and mrs. miller')
THAT "little jesus" has DEFINITELY got a turd in his pocket!

jeffs' new rottweiler has got a turd in his pocket

the police officer had a turd in his pocket!
by michael foolsley June 27, 2011
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"meat" loaded with chemicals (to insure freshness!) sold at convenience store. AKA: shit sandwich (or "sammich") -NOT FINE FRENCH CUISINE!!! ie: catch 'the' cancer here!!
i parked the dump truck and gotted me a turd on a roll and 'ultra' gulp!!

had too much air in my guts, ah needed me a turd on a roll!!
by michael foolsley January 13, 2010
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tailgater -having a poor 'detective' of a driver UP YOUR ASS!! -GET THE FUCK OFF MY ASS!!! (assuming you are driving the speed limit or more!!!!) one car length for every ten miles of speed??
i'm going to pull over and dump this turd rider!!

this turd rider is PISSING ME OFF!!

i'm going to get out of the way and make this turd rider 'point man'
by michael foolsley December 16, 2009
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