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STT stands for stop to text and it is when someone pulls over on the side of the road to send a text message.
I had to STT to tell Ramone about the Strawberry Shortcake I gave the girl from the club last night.
by god May 16, 2010
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Safe to talk.

Used when parents or unsavory authority-types might be around.
personuno: hey, stt?
persondeux: yeah
personuno: k, so neway he had this needledick...
by dah duh dah April 18, 2005
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When two people send things at the same time one types STT
by MrPrpffessor August 17, 2017
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Sucking toes time.
;Time allotted specifically to suck toes
โ€œAye i see you got a pedicure โ€œ
โ€œYeah you gonna have to set some stt for tonight โ€œ
by Jjlees133 June 08, 2018
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Sarcasm through the screen.
John- I got Lisa's #! I'm a total boss

David- Sure definitely STTS
by SacrificeTheSandWich June 08, 2017
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