18 definitions by messy bun

The name your nice old grandma calls you before she beats you with a switch.
Come here you little mustard head!!
by messy bun October 13, 2017
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Jenifer was so upset when she realized tommy was the true mr grubby
by messy bun October 26, 2017
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Nipples so hard no amount of bra padding can keep those dudes from poking out.
sherri used her nips of steal to break the ice from the car door.
by messy bun October 26, 2017
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the old people that show up in their matching tshirts, and school all the young people on how it's done.
1. I can't believe the phat uncles beat us at human bowling and shots last night.
2. That freakin phat uncles group schooled the college kids on that drinking game.

3. Oh shit, that's the phat uncles group that beat the pants off us last weekend.

4. phat unckles?? Really..

5. I need a phat uncles t-shirt.

6. That phat uncles group must be from Arkansas!
by messy bun October 29, 2017
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The moment you realize your surrounded by a bunch of fat middle aged men trying to be cool.
1. I just got phat uncled in the hot tub

2. As soon as Emma Walked is she was phat uncled by Ron, Brian and Denise. 😂😂
by messy bun October 13, 2017
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A dick seeking the love of a vagina, aka monkey.
1. This one eyed monkey lover is hungry for some action.

2. My one eyed monkey lover is pointing your direction.
by messy bun November 20, 2017
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Words a nice old grandma says when she really wants to say- mother fucker !!
1. OH SUGAR !! That really hurts.

2. Who did this!! OH SUGAR!! Where's my switch!!

3. Now listen here SUGAR, I'll knock your backside in the dirt if you would like to carry on this conversation.
by messy bun October 13, 2017
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