One who pwns... owner->ownzor->pwnzor->pwnz0r
i r teh l33t pwnz0r!
by Goast February 24, 2003
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To pwnz0r: to absolutely pwn something. To completely and undoubtedly denied someone/something.
I'm going to pwnz0r you tonight!!!
by meh March 30, 2003
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1: Someone who pwns.
2: Someone who uses firefox (or releated).
3: Someone who uses Linux.
2: You use IE? USE FIREFOX!
3: You use Windows? USE LINUX! (It's free!)
by Racecar56 February 28, 2009
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Someone who is 1337 (leet)
"Jayden is so teh pwnz0r"
"Max is so teh noob"
by Vornven October 28, 2008
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A retarded, nooby way of saying "I am the best" by inserting unnecessary characters and raping the the Proper English language. Most likely found in chatrooms where roleplaying is concerned, though forums, portals, and even actual written documents are starting to become victims of leet-chat.
n00bl3t: i r t3h pwnz0r!!!11111!!!!!1.....!!!!!111111

Elite: Shut the fucking hell up, fucker! You are melting my damn eyeballs by typing it one hundred times!
by BeerChuggin'German June 19, 2010
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1. A person who has "pwned" someone or something in a online game

2. A type of dinosaur (that I will name when I discover a new species of dino!)
1. victim-OMFG HAX HE R KILLD MAH LEVEL 1000!!!


2. teacher- And in this picture we have the pwnz0r now can anyone tell me how many bones it has?
by Undeadgophers February 21, 2010
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