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Something people to to remove fat using easier means. You must undego surgery. It is thought that either reallly fat people get it done because their too fat to lose weight any other way, or really skinny people who think their fat when they're not. Alternatively it is also thought that it is for lazy people to lose weight and gain a better figure with, without jus simply eating less and exercising more. It can also cost you a fat chunk out of your wallet.
Self obsessed whore-"Dave thinks I'm fat"

Friend of self obsessed-whore, Whorette-"Honey, you should try liposuction, I know this great plastic surgeon doctor that I can recommend you too."
by Gma June 02, 2005
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hey everyone...america invented something awesome! you see, first it was mc donalds so that everyone would love the food and the government would get a ton of tax from the consumers, but now, you can eat mcdonald's and not even worry about getting fat. well, you'll be paying tax ofcourse, but now fat can be sucked right out of any part of your body. that's right. and you'll look good, so the other shallow people will like you. good job.
hmm...i ate too much this week and i really dont feel like going on a healthy diet and getting excercise. Hey wait, why don't i just get liposuction?
by Anonymous September 06, 2003
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