264 definition by max

Japanese for nigger. A really rude word.
all the kurombos are eating fried chicken
by max December 20, 2004

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Affectionate yet somewhat insulting nickname for William Shatner, star of anything he gets paid for.
Hey man, did you hear? The Shat just released a new album. He makes fun of himself and still gets rave reviews!
by max July 10, 2005

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what you want your weed to look like
dude check out these nugs, this is some light green shit dog
want a gram of some light green?
by max March 13, 2005

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Someone who likes to have anal sex
Man you're so gay, you're such a rectum raider
by Max June 06, 2003

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One of a kind
She creates OOAK fantasy and sci-fi dolls.
by Max November 19, 2003

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Jewish nose, similar to a hook.
Brian (Greham Chapman):
I'm not a Roman, Mum!
And I never will be!
I'm a kike, a Yid, a hebe, a hooknose!
by max August 09, 2004

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a feeling of an evil to come;
an early warning about a future event;
she had a presentiment that she would be raped by her lawyer!
by max September 17, 2004

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