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"Vrey Malaka... Thos taw Mahstourah ethou,
pios ise see? Bogart?
Translation: Hey jerkoff... Give me the marajuana,
Who are you? Bogart?
by mavros April 09, 2006
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A fucking brainstorm that fatassed neighbors think up while sitting around eating Entenmans & Haagen Das and drinking diet coke (as if Diet Coke will keep the poor excuse for a brain thiking that she's on a true diet)and watching Jerry Springer, all the while she's still in her Fucking pajamas @ 4:00 in the afternoon.
Now, when they finaly get out of the un-maintaned house, they start flapping thier gums, bend the forearms at the elbows at a 45 degree angle (as if she's been doinh itall her life) and off they go!
This absolutely Fucking useless and moronic idea will last anywhere from 3 days to as much as a whole week before giving it up.
Bertha: "This cake would taste so much better if I could eat it off of Steve's(head of security on Jerry show) cock.
Marge: "oooohh, I know I know, but then your weight would go 610lbs. when 595lbs. looks great.
Bertha: "hey! I know... lets go walking."
Marge: (with the look of sheer terror on her face),she says "What for"?
by mavros April 11, 2006
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What you need to do before you stuff the sluts toilet.
OOOUUUCCCHHH!!! "The bitch rubbed me raw,I knew I should have used the Hiney lick manuver!
by mavros April 07, 2006
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A real shity hamburger,
you know... the kind they serve in the school lunch room.
I'm not eating in the cafeteria , they are servin' hockey pucks today.
by mavros April 24, 2006
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What you would say when you walk up on a group of men...
"hymen, Is this the Kick the Ex-wife in the cunt club"?
by mavros April 11, 2006
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A laboratory in India that produces psuedo-ephedrine and sold 1.4 metric tons of the crap to the Amezcua Brothers of Mexico without even questioning it. I believe they ( the brtothers )made Two Billion dollars from it. Between making crystal meth or just selling the trash to other meth labs. It's a shame the DEA didn't realize it till it was too late. Oh Well,...
"Krebs Bio. laughed all the way too the bank with the Amezcua brothers."
by mavros April 09, 2006
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A cunt! Twat, 'jina, Hole, PussPuss
I'm going to Nancys and eat her boxed lunch @ the Y
by mavros April 10, 2006
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