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The Brown star located at the center of the "Ass" Constalation.
Erney: "Man, I'm so tired, Bill"
Bill: " Why, what were you doing last night"?
Erney: "I was staring at Uranus all night"!
Erney: " Hey... slow down Bill, Where are you running off to"?
( 2 sec. later, Bill is just a small dot all the way down the road).
Erney: "What did I say"?
by mavros April 27, 2006

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the sound an oriental camera makes
Mr.wong said, "Rook diss ray prease," and the camera went "Crick"
by mavros April 03, 2006

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A bitch that gets passed around...
and around....
and around......................
Just buy her a pizza... if she loves it, shes a crew slut!!!
It's a way of life...
The boys in the crew are just waiting for you, to be a crew slut
( From Frank Zappas " Joes Garage")
Her name is Mary
by mavros April 10, 2006

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What's the matter, didn't anyone out there ever watch the
Brady Bunch? They were so "Groovy" & "Far-out"!
Anyway, in one episode, Jan (Eve Plumb), was envious of
Marsha,Marsha,Marsha, and all of her "Hunks" playing hide the sausage, meanwhile, she (Jan) wasn't very talented @ playing the "skin flute", So she create, (so to speak) An imaginary boyfriend named...
Jorje: Que passa my freng? Homes, that Jan is looking "Kaliente"
Pedro: Jew better chill Meng, ... You better not let George Glass hear you! I heard that he is one bad Gringo!
By the way, did you ever see him?
Jorje: Nah vatto, you?
Pedro: Nah, but I heard that he's so BAD... he can blow bubbles through bricks!!!
by mavros April 30, 2006

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To squirt liquid shit out the anal opening, usualy brought on by a recent trip to Taco bell, Mexico, McDonalds, Booger King; etc. etc.
"when you climb up a ladder and you hear something splatter, it's diarrhea! (Look out below)!
by mavros April 24, 2006

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A 9 iron!!! Used for knocking a "nigger"(does not mean a black person)even more senseless than they already are!
one night while driving through Brooklyn, I saw a Nigger pissing on a church. I went in my trunk and got out my "Niggerknocker" and cracked the Reverand Al upside his gourd.
by mavros March 29, 2006

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Any type of food, (usualy like a big mac) that makes you sick!
Damn, I ate that belly bomb and it wants out faster than it went down!
by mavros April 24, 2006

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