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This is basicaly the same as "freekn'out", It's brought on by using too much Cocaine,Regardless of what ever form it's in; be it : Crack, or powder, even in liquid form.
Pat allways is buggin out when he smokes crack. He thinks hes being watched but when you ask him "who's watching"? He says "I don't know".
by mavros April 27, 2006
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The dirtiest, most Faggiest,place i've ever had the DIS-pleasure to "visit"! I heard they were going to rename it
"Inceston", Scince 99.9% of the population is the result of inbreeding. Funny thing about Scranton... no dentists! At least I think there isn't, scince none of the "Scrantonions" have anymore than three (3) teeth in their blowholes! At least to live on "Strong Island" you need to have a good amount of CA$H, infact my toilet bowlcost more $ than any so called house in that shithole!
The town "motto" for Scranton is...
" Come to Scranton,the city where incest is best"!
by mavros April 14, 2006
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What you would say when you walk up on a group of men...
"hymen, Is this the Kick the Ex-wife in the cunt club"?
by mavros April 11, 2006
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