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Music TeleVision.
A channel that now plays only reality shows that do not contain music, and are not real. Just like all the other reality shows, they are staged.
One gigant commercial trying to tell people that you are only worth living if you are hot, or can play music.
MTV is some mother fucking bull shit. It is not music.
by Matt b June 15, 2003
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Where a group of men get together and jack off on to a slice of bread. The last person to cum has to eat the bread.
fags at mounds view do it and totino grace
by Matt b June 08, 2003
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the best knife ever, and is the has the best info mercial ever.
You can chop a shoe into 20 pieces with that miracle blade.
by matt b May 26, 2003
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An extremely ugly female
That bird he pulled last night was a complete hippocrocadog
by Matt B January 08, 2004
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To hide an especially attractive element of a woman, in the attempt to make her look average. i.e. making someone with a great ass sit down, moving your drink in someone's view of a cute girl's face.
"Don't place your arm there! You're fox blocking!"
by Matt B December 10, 2003
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one who is skilled in the feild of fodeling a womens nipples.
god ur such a nippler
by matt b April 16, 2003
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To trick someone into believing that a perfectly common household product, like salt or flour, is an illegal drug.
"Let's rintiddle Alex to help ease off his addiction to crack"
by Matt B December 10, 2003
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